The Church and Essential Employees

The Church and Essential Employees

There is one thing that I am clear on in 2021 that is the church is changing. Your building may look the same. You may be back in the building but we, the people, have changed. One HUGE reality check was the realization of who was essential to run basic church operations and who wasn't. For one year, I haven't seen an usher or a nurse. I have barely been in contact with the Deacons and Trustees at my church. It's a new day. We are learning to adjust to a new environment. Hopefully it will be one that will stretch and strengthen the church in ways that it was unwilling to do before the pandemic.

The degree to which one adjusts, stretches or strengthens depends on the mindset of leadership. I have witnessed the best and worse of leadership in this season. The best leaders were great followers and had teams to help with the navigation of this new day. The worst tried and still tries to do everything on their own and reject the change in the air by doing all they can to return to the old normal.

Phillip Carter

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