Morning Thoughts 9-29-2021

Morning Thoughts 9-25-2021
1.There is always a defining moment that sheds light on and/or pricks the social conscience of society. The photos and videos of our Haitian brothers and sister being held back with whips by men on horses was that moment this week.
2. The Hymns Family gave almost 3K yesterday to aid those organizations who are helping Haitians with basic needs as we speak. If you wish to give to this effort inbox me. We’re just trying to do our part.
3. Krispy Kreme donuts will never be as good as Duncan Donuts in my book. I know that my opinion is in the minority but the anointing doesn’t require a hot light.
4. I used to love the comedy show “Married With Children.” The insults were rich on that show. The only show that was equal in that aspect was “The Golden Girls.”
5. It’s that time of the year for my family and I to go and get a complete work up of our bodies. Getting those vitamin levels checked is essential this time along with the normal tests. You can supplement better when you know where you are.
6. My wife’s book publishing company is keeping her busy these days along with trying to help me. She is having to push off potential clients until December. Way to go Stephanie.
7. I love grocery shopping. I have a formula that works for my family. When my wife goes shopping I get confused. Yesterday she came home with pineapple kombucha, butternut squash and a sweet dumpling squash. Where’s the food?
8. I lost my affinity for the NFL after the Colin Kaepernick situation. The only complete game I watch now is the Super bowl.
9 We are going to enter into a season where the new question may be “What underlying conditions did they have” rather than were they vaccinated.
10. Highlighting, celebrating and appreciating my DMV peers is one of my greatest joys. The joy is in serving. Reading the comments of those who appreciate that particular person gives me motivation and inspiration every day. We are all called to try and make a positive difference.
11. Sometimes I sit my kids down and ask them “How I’m doing as a father.” They always say “Fine.” Then I go deeper to try and get a real answer out of them. They seem to genuinely appreciate the fact that I try to do my best for them.
12. There is a level of appreciation in marriage that can only be obtained in time. If you can withstand and survive what life brings “in time” then you will appreciate the ‘times” that you had/have.
13. When that little boy stood up a few years ago and said “I’m tired of this church” he may have been speaking prophetically. We now know that God feels the same way.
14. When Stephanie and I were dating we used to stop by Wendy's and get a chocolate frosty with fries. I’m telling you it’s good. I think we need to do it today and then find a way to deal with the gas later.
15. I am inspired by watching more people list their thoughts. Most of you are more interesting than you thought.

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