Independent Artists- Building "Coalitions" and "Collectives" for Greater Results

Independent Artists- Building "Coalitions" and "Collectives" for Greater Results

It's a great idea to build a coalition and here's why. You don't have to do anything on your own anymore. Although you may be great, grand and glorious the truth is you don't have enough capital, connections and support to become the big super star you planned to be when you got started. Even if you just wanna work in your region a "coalition" and/or "collective" is a great booster for you

Teaming up with like- minded individuals/artists can be huge benefactor for all involved. Ticket sales, cd sales and social media presence would go up substantially because everyone in the collective would ban together with their audiences to aid in making event(s) or anything else pertinent happen. If you manage to build a "coalition" or a "collective" you want to make sure that everyone is not just in it for themselves so it's important to push and promote a team concept at all times.

Team work makes things happen in the music industry. Build a collective or a coalition and watch how things move in your career. The details as to how you build it is up to you and your team but there are a number of ways to come together to make it happen. Just do it.

Phillip Carter

President of SOV INC

Founder of the IGAA Conference

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