Big Companies, Black Economy, What To Do Next.

Big Companies, Black Economy, What To Do Next.

I see a lot of big companies emailing consumers with positive messages calling for an end to racism and supporting the slogan "Black Lives Matter." This should be an awakening sign to ALL black people that we are VERY important to the economy of America. This is such a critical time to shape our agenda and demand what we want starting with our local governments all the way to the White House.
1.We must pay close attention to who actually supports the changing of laws that support brutality and systemic racism.

2.We must be willing to turn away from those who show their true colors.

3.We must be willing to support our own even if our own is not quite at the level of their Caucasian counterparts. After all we helped them reach that level that they are currently at.

4. We must be willing and knowledgeable enough to reeducate our children and STOP relying on public education to do so. Some of us are still celebrating Columbus Day and the 4th of July and we are ignorant to Juneteenth.
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