Advice For Gospel Artists- (Especially my Independent brothers and sisters)

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If you want your record played on the radio then you have to make music the masses want to hear. If it's one or two word melodies, that's winning right now, then that's what it is. If you are the kind of artist that doesn't create that kind of music then you may not get airplay. THEREFORE you need to learn how to make your own way. Making your own way is attainable but you need to learn what it takes before you go all in and get disappointed.

Those of us, who have survived all of these years, know the value of building fan bases and grass roots marketing which keeps us alive. We don't necessarily endeavor to be stars but rather our mission is to keep working and build/sustain the kind of music ministries that serve our communities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a star and chasing charts but your business plan and financial statement needs to match your ambition. Longevity is the key not a one night stand in the industry.



  • Linda Jean Mitchell

    Yes, please send me the email. I can start requesting sheet music.

  • Steve Dimmick

    I have some original songs recorded. I would like to get them to artists that need songs. Joe do I get them to artists?

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